Just realized it’s been nearly a year since I first came to WordPress and had yet to let anyone know anything about me.  Currently I am a full-time Nursing student and a novice Photographer.  It is a hobby of mine I thought could provide some income during my Summer vacation.  I live in Illinois just across the Mississippi River from downtown St. Louis.  I have been here since November of 2008 and prior to that I was quite a traveler.  It was kind of ingrained in me since birth considering I came from a military setting.  My father was in the Navy so I got to see some of the world before I thought about doing it on my own.  I was born in Mississippi and my brother was born in Scotland.  I now have the travel bug and am becoming quite restless being in one place for so long now.  I would love to combine my hobby and my profession, become a Nurse, travel and document my encounters.  I think that is enough or now.  I hope you enjoy my photos and and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. elenasarts says:

    Don’t know where your heart travels as of now, hope it’s a happy journey.
    Your photos are beautiful. Really beautiful. The way you see the world is special. Your vision and your heart are of the artist.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Hope to see more of it.

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