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This is part of my Anonymous Faces project inspired by victims of domestic violence and those that struggle with addiction and homelessness.  I hope to use it to help those that help the needy.


Missouri side of Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

This bridge is part of Old Route 66.

Mississippi on the Rocks


Someone spilled soda at a birthday party today and I thought it was picture worthy.


this was taken later in the same night at the Sheldon as the Opening Night picture.  this one is one of my favorites.  I felt bad I didn’t know who Howard Hewett was before I got there.  It wasn’t until the next morning when I Googled him that I discovered he was the King of Funk, was in the band Charlemagne and performed on Soul Train.  The event was promoted by Renaissance Master here in St. Louis who represent a broad range of talent for a variety of events.  More pictures of Howard Hewett can be seen in their Gallery at

I just liked this shot.


I love this one.  When I first started wanting to be a photographer I posted that I would exchange services just for the experience.  So I got a call from a gentleman that said he was the promoter of a Jazz concert that was taking place at The Sheldon here in St. Louis and he needed a photographer to document the event.  I was so thankful for that opportunity.  This is one of the first shots I took right after the doors opened and the people started coming in.  I really still don’t even know how to use my camera yet…I mostly just trial and error it…but I was playing around with all the knobs and buttons and managed to capture this and I thought it was so cool.  I haven’t retouched it or done anything to it, I just left it the way it is.