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Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.


Be silent.  I can remember growing up and every time I would try to argue my point with my mother I would get shut down by her hand being thrown into the air and the words “I don’t want to hear it”.  Over the years I learned not to say anything and not to defend myself.  I am 36 now and going through a lot of things where I really need to know how to speak up for myself and I had grown quite frustrated at my inability to do that until a recent event that took place in the Principals office at my son’s school.  It enraged me for days and I finally realized I can’t do this to myself anymore.  I have a voice and I deserve to be heard…I have something to say even if you don’t want to hear it.  It was easier to be silent, I didn’t feel I had the strength to fight, but it was killing me inside.Image


My advice to anyone is find your strength and overcome your fears, because the only one getting hurt is you if you don’t stand up for yourself.

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I’m not entirely sure what is going on in this picture…but to me I want to say that the woman in the background has just defeated her attacker…which I find…I don’t even know the word right now, But I am experiencing some bullying and intimidation by my son’s father and step-mother and would love to “defeat” them some day and I somehow find hope and strength and affirmation in this 11th picture I found after I randomly Googled the word ‘fear’.