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Missouri side of Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

This bridge is part of Old Route 66.


Mississippi on the Rocks


This is a shot of the clouds on my drive home from school.  This is not the original of course, but I think a more interesting version.  Taking notes from Leanne’s photos til I can find my own niche.  Trying to figure out how someone else does something, I feel, helps me improve my own skills with the software.



I was practicing my night skills when I captured this one.  this is the view of St, Louis from the McKinley Bridge.  If you look close you can see something in the water…I still wonder what it is…there has been talks of sharks in the rivers lately!

Black and White

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We had recently applied a chalkboard wall in my son’s room and he and his 3 step-sisters created this chaos of art on it.  It is multi-colored but I liked it black and white.



One of the first pictures I ever took with my Inspire.  It is now on my Google homepage.  I was never so amazed that a phone camera could take such great photos!

Boy in the City

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I took this one quite a while back on a day we spent in downtown St. Louis.  This new architecture was located directly beside old architecture…a theater and my son had walked up the ramp to look at the waterfall on the other side and I just loved how massive the structure was next to his tiny little frame.  Again another photo taken with my Inspire.